School Return

Dear Parents,


As indicated in Mr Bonner's letter (22nd May), we will begin with a partial return to school on 8th June, starting with Year 6:


'The children will be placed in small groups, or‘pods’ and will be expected to follow social distancing rules. They will have a member of staff (which may not be their class teacher) and will have strictly limited freedom of movement in their assigned building. Initially, this provision will be on a part time basis only. Children cannot bring any belongings from home into the school, and a packed lunch will be provided in school for these pupils. Further guidance on this and other health and safety issues will be shared with the parents and carers of eligible pupils after half term.'- May 22nd 


Important documents for parents:


Year 1 Parents:

Year 1 Parent Documents

Year 1 Pod Posters


Video for Year 1 Children Returning- please show this to your child


Reception Parents:

Reception Documents


Year 6 Parents:

Year 6 Documents

Year 6 Pod Posters



Year 6- Please watch this powerpoint in preparation for the return to school- it will help you to understand the changes when you return to school:

Return to school powerpoint



Guidance for Parents- Symptoms Poster


In the meantime, please take the time to look at the Handwashing and Hygiene page, so that you can talk to your child about these important routines:


Supportive resources to help your child in the return to school:

Coronavirus- Back to School

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